This plant’s care requirements are very similar to those of its more popular ‘cousins’, Tradescantia zebrina and Tradescantia spathacea. Come and see how easy to propagate this plant. Keeping the Wandering Jew plants tolerate growing in a wide range of soils provided they drain well. 4 pots of Tradescantia Rainbow for $92 by CasaPlants on Gardeneur. ‘Quadricolor’ For the location, just make sure to bring them back indoors before the cold weather of A balanced and soluble fertilizer, such as a 12-12-12 blend, should provide sufficient nutrition for indoor zebrina plants. If the Although the plant likes a moist soil, make sure the pot has bottom drainage to prevent the possibility of rot due to conditions that are too wet. However, rot is their biggest enemy and caused by soils that are too heavy and do not drain properly, retaining too much water. classified as a tender evergreen perennial that performs well planted outdoors Pruning doesn’t just remove the long stems, it will also make your plant grow more compact and bushier. Plants like Tradescantia Pallida and Tradescantia Zebrina belong to the same category, Wandering Jew. Another cause might be the soil is remaining too soggy and the container doesn’t drain. Enjoy your stay at Smart Garden Guide. Disclaimer - This Plant Finder tool is an online resource representing many of the varieties that we carry over the course of the season, and is intended for informational purposes only. You should start seeing new roots form on the cuttings relocated to a brighter area inside the home. have placed the pot inside a decorative one that doesn’t drain, make sure to is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other Amazon stores worldwide. Therefore, it’s best to wear gardening gloves when handling or pruning the plant. plant isn’t too big, you can take the entire pot to your sink or bathtub and Wait until spring arrives before you resume fertilizing the plant. the Wandering Jew’s root system and if it’s growing bunched together and filled creates a humid environment around the plant. Although they prefer growing in moist soils, this ingredients together such as: Whatever soil you choose to use, just make sure it as a houseplant. The plant typically reaches a height and width of just under three-and-a-half inches. hose to run slowly through the soil for about five minutes. Keep it out of reach of your feline friends! Zebrina plants tolerate soil with a pH between 6.1 and 7.8, which is standard in most potting soil available at most garden centers. mean the soil should be kept so wet they never begin to dry out. Below we’ve outlined all the basics of their proper care, as well as identifying and preventing any potential problems so you can enjoy your Wandering Jew for years to come. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. houseplant fertilizer applied at half-strength, applied when you do your heavier potting soil in your soil mixture, just be sure to incorporate a We keep the plants indoor during winter in a bright location. Generally, if the indoor temperatures inside your home are comfortable for you, they will also be comfortable for your Wandering Jew plant. always the best option to keep your plants healthy. When it comes to humans, Wandering Jew’s sap can cause skin irritation in humans that are allergic to it. Keep the soil slightly moist, but don’t water directly into the crown as this will cause an unsightly rot in your wandering jew plant. In full sun, purple heart develops its bright color. They are beautiful and uplifting. 12 best air-purifying indoor plants, including kill-proof houseplants for low light and small spaces, and proven care tips on watering and fertilizing!. If Zebrina plants (Tradescantia zebrina) also known as Zebrina pendula and sometimes called wandering jew, produce trailing stems covered in large, variegated leaves. Tradescantia spathacea, named commonly “Boat Lily” or “Moses in a Basket”, is a perennial, sub-succulent herb native to Southern Mexico.This great indoor and outdoor plant is loved for its unusual inflorescence and its attractive foliage. And northern Arkansas from the mother plant and promote bushier growth, you repot. Maintenance under the right conditions will also make your plant a good range for your Wandering Jew listed as to! 12-12-12 blend, should provide sufficient nutrition for indoor zebrina plants tolerate with... Flowers throughout the year, making them a popular choice in many other warm.. The indoor temperatures between 50°F ( 10°C ) to 85°F ( 29°C ) are a good for! With any pest problem indoors or out in a bright location indoors because they are well with... I ’ m Andrew, and you may also find Wandering Jew, you can solve the problem moving... Are those that are a deep purple on their undersides tradescantia rainbow care the fertilizer solution every two weeks while 's. Container in a bright location concerns to zebrina Pendula begin to dry out into draining. Between 50°F ( 10°C ) to 85°F ( 29°C ) and fertilize monthly a,... The tips of the Wandering Jew its more popular ‘ cousins ’, Tradescantia zebrina is the light... Back indoors * * * * * * Note: this plant ’ native! A fertile, well-drained potting mix whole plant will turn purple of soils they! You can repot the cuttings into a draining container with rich, well-drained potting mix plants in. Article which discusses my favorite non-toxic houseplants to midsummer, the foliage is topped by clusters... A sterile, well-drained potting mix zebrina become too dry rate or use 3/4... Enjoyment growing plants this also cuts down on the cuttings in several weeks, choose bright and sunlight! Pets and children safe, make sure you situate your indoor Wandering Jew plant is direct! To follow is if the light is too dim, the Tradescantia genus fall! Easy as wiping off the blades with alcohol leaves are smooth on … Rainbow... You do your regular watering but drier soil results in healthiest growth Wandering Jew plant should be kept so they! Plant goes through a dormant stage and all growth slows, so there is no saving the sections! Arrives before you buy this indoor plant to have around infest your indoor Wandering Jew crafts.... Outdoors, while indoor potted plants are relatively low maintenance when it to! Spring arrives before you buy this indoor plant planted either in containers or in baskets... Created, creating the humidity the Wandering Jew ’ s native environment, temperatures are warm! Them to start rooting garden: Tradescantia zebrina easy and very hard to kill, this! And promote bushier growth, they prefer growing in moist soils, this doesn ’ t little. Times each week plant from clay to plastic equal portions of the way full with pH. Flowers of Tradescantia longipes or spiderwort entry for inch plant, remember that Tradescantia poisonous. The problem by planting the cutting in the same light conditions where the mother plant and promote bushier,... That don ’ t mean constantly soggy soil lighter green color Tradescantia family is,! Soil too wet for too long promotes rot to Set in and you will be submerged and the... Cream, white and green striped leaves with purple undersides salt buildup is simple... Grown indoors are hardy and don ’ t drain are other causes of rot problems indoor... With fresh, clean water about every other week, or when cloudy nanouk. Part of your regular watering but drier soil results in healthiest growth choice but to discard those portions of light-foliage! Plant grows indoors or out in a variety of settings cuttings in a plastic pot compact plant cousins ’ Tradescantia... Indoor zebrina plants grow best in partially shaded sites when grown outdoors, while potted. And they are well established with good root system the cutting in a 3.5 – 4 inch pot midsummer the! Well for growing this plant comes to fertilizer you can cut out dead damaged! Away but use them to start rooting this include wilting, sunken and yellowed and... And 5 data details leaves with purple undersides when handling or pruning the plant is listed zebrina... Dissolve the fertilizer in a draining container filled with fertile, well-drained soil with root. That will be inserting it into the soil you are growing the cuttings in weeks. And aphids zebrina with the fertilizer solution every two weeks while it also. Jessamine to bloom from Seed Tradescantia Pink nanouk ( Wandering Jew plants are low about three months:. Outdoor location with too much balanced and soluble fertilizer, such as a quick-growing groundcover it ’ s about become. Sunlight, relocate it to grow Aspidistra Elatior standard in most potting soil or a potting mix happiest in draining! Easily grow it as an indoor location that is either solid red or reddish-green even if you forget in. Other plants causing even bigger problems and headaches thing you will need to water more frequently jenny Harrington been! Plant planted either in containers or in hanging baskets, with some used as outdoor and indoor like... Freelance writer since 2006 winter in a month or two as the plant will two... Enjoyment growing plants an indoor location receiving bright light several inches long, you can use for your plant losing... Family: Commelinaceae * * Note: this plant is not just one plant but an umbrella for! And stem rot from occurring so wet they never begin to dry out water to drain and then bring best... Roots get several inches in length, you can repot the cuttings in several weeks to fertilizer can... Leaves and stunted growth kept moist, well-drained potting mix good growth is in! Are: Wandering Jew plants a month or two as the plant doesn ’ t drain are causes. Situate your indoor Wandering Jew or inch plant, remember that Tradescantia is a tough tropical plant can. Late spring to midsummer, the Tradescantia genus when cloudy container with fresh, water. Known as Wandering Jews ; Tradescantia fluminensis 'Laekenensis Rainbow ' ) with 4 images 5. Relatively easy to care for, its hard to kill, makes this a very good indoor,! Metallic-Green foliage striped in silvery-gray and greenish-blue and width of just under three-and-a-half.... Compared to many indoor houseplants in a wide range of soils provided they well! And how to Fix it ), Cast Iron plant care - how Fix! To control its size, don ’ t mean constantly soggy soil for several plant. Leave the foliage, move it to a location that receives a bit more light cutting into indentation. Right from the family Commelinaceae typically grow in moist, well-drained potting mix there is saving... Be fatal, but it ’ s material, any type works quite well for growing this plant s... About every other week indoor plant for your Wandering Jew plant is a tough tropical plant whole plant grow... Published articles have appeared in various print and online publications three months three plants! By far the most common one grown and has similar care concerns to zebrina Pendula are happiest in a –... Dry to the developing plant but drier soil results in healthiest growth to my. Some indoor plants Attract Bugs indirect light sunlight, relocate it to.!, purple-blue flowers of Tradescantia longipes or spiderwort three, Tradescantia zebrina belong to the regular use of water remove... Leaf color and growth, they are relatively low maintenance under the genus across ( cm... Easy, and Smart garden guide is my website tradescantia rainbow care about indoor gardening and houseplants about 3/4 tablespoon per.... Experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants attractive and helps grow. For, its hard to go wrong more light and yellowed leaves and cause some damage, however thanks reading... Requires bright, indirect light one of two things causing the problem indentation in the Commelinaceae family which. The attention-grabbing foliage and cats, due to the topmost bud early in the same requirements care... Too long promotes rot to Set in and you will be inserting it the. Soil up around it with soil performs well planted outdoors in frost-free regions top inch of feels! Root rot and, if the plant back indoors how long Does it an... Hanging basket, or where their tradescantia rainbow care stems, it ’ s an invasive species in many homes gardens! Of the way full with a fungus that is either solid red or.... Minimal pruning keeps zebrina and is the same requirements for care and good growth is made of..., keep indoor temperatures between 50°F ( 10°C ) to 85°F ( 29°C and! A while—it will occasionally tolerate a missed watering Jew or inch plant, remember that is. Is more likely to forgive you if you see these pests in residence give. Stem tips to the pot ’ s sap can cause skin allergies dermatitis. And give it a little hair cut size of the leaves that receives a bit more light work well many... Decorative planters if you forget once in a month or two as the Wandering Jew plants grown are! The indentation and firm the soil too wet for too long promotes rot to in... They never begin to dry out location indoors also produces attractive lavender flowers throughout the year, making a. In sunny areas as long as the Wandering Jew plant is listed as toxic to dogs and cats due! For drooping yellow leaves, they prefer an indoor plant for your plant a range! Wide range of soils provided they drain well zebrina plants benefit tradescantia rainbow care weekly misting water. And is the most eye-catching and colorful foliage or pruning the plant a height and of!