Just after this station it crosses 4000 South at 2400 West and continues northeast to cross under Hinkley Drive (3600 South) at 2025 West and under 1900 West (SR-126) at 3460 South. Heading west from this station, FrontRunner crosses 200 West (Freedom Boulevard), 500 West, and 700 West before it curves toward the north. The FrontRunner part of this station is located at 250 South 600 West and the TRAX part at 325 South 600 West. In addition, several irrigation canals had to be rerouted.[47]. The FrontRunner One-way Fare cash payment is good on FrontRunner commuter rail with transfer to all buses, TRAX and Streetcar for two hours and 30 minutes from the time of purchase. The address of this station is 782 West 200 South (7750 on the Utah County grid). 3 3rd … 75. The TRAX platform is directly east of the FrontRunner platform. Some equipped with bike racks. This station is also just southwest of Amtrak's Provo Station, which is the third stop, after Green River and Helper for the California Zephyr. At 500 North, 500 West shifts to the east side of the tracks without actually crossing them. Up until August 21, 2018, service kept going north of this station being very limited (two southbound runs in the morning and two northbound runs in the evening). [11] Since not all FrontRunner passenger cars are wheelchair accessible, signage at the stations, on the passenger platforms, and on the passenger cars clearly indicate accessibility options. Prior to the southern extension, FrontRunner had the longest Quiet Zone in the nation—the southern extension doubled the length of the previous Quiet Zone.[40][41][42][43]. It then curves north again as it passes just west of the Joint Dam and then crosses over the South Jordan Canal. [38] As with all existing FrontRunner and TRAX stations, all future extensions of FrontRunner will be integrated with UTA's bus system. It then crosses under 400 South (University Boulevard) just before curving slightly to the west and reaching Salt Lake Central (Salt Lake Intermodal Hub). Following its opening for service on December 10, 2012, early estimates of ridership for FrontRunner South exceeded expectations. The Jordan Narrows are the most scenic area along the entire the FrontRunner route and includes views that could not otherwise be readily seen (particularly from I-15). We offer incredible prices with our buy direct model to enthusiasts of hot rods, street cars, classic cars, racing applications and diesel engines. Typical orientation is: Locomotive, Comet I, Bilevel (2), and a Bilevel Cab Car. Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 29. Front Runner Outfitters Gelandewagen W461 Drawer System for the rear cargo area is a great way to maximize efficiency of storage in the G-class. Still at 625 West, after crossing 800 South, it crosses under the I-15/I-80 northbound and the I-15 southbound/I-80 eastbound off ramps to 600 South (SR-269 eastbound/Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard) and then the 500 South (SR-269 westbound/Cesar E Chavez Boulevard) on ramp to I-15/I-80. After crossing over Mill Creek it curves back to the north as it passes along the east side of the Union Pacific rail yard. Salt Lake Central has always started the Blue Line. Continuing north, and slightly to the east, it parallels the South Jordan Canal, the South Jordan Canal Trail, and the Jordan River on the west and 1300 West on the east until about 15300 South. This station is a transfer station to the TRAX Blue and Red Lines, and the first of only three transfer stations between FrontRunner and TRAX. FrontRunner is designated as UTA Route 750. Briefly heading north it passes just to the west of Ogden's Union Station and crosses under 24th Street (2400 South/SR-53) at 140 West. 20 watchers. Immediately after crossing under the North Temple Street Viaduct it reaches the next station, North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe. Coach Cars. With a heavy-duty build quality and minimalist design, this rack belongs on your DiamondBack HD or DiamondBack SE. In June 2018, UTA, UVU, UDOT, Orem City, and MAG broke-ground on a new "first-of-its-kind" 1000-foot pedestrian bridge over Interstate-15 that will connect UVU's Main Campus to the Orem Intermodal Transit Center. At the northwest end of this station it crosses under the pedestrian bridge (which allows passengers to cross over the FrontRunner and Union Pacific tracks which run between the station's passenger platform and the station's parking lot). Continuing northwest it crosses under Antelope Drive (2000 North/SR-108) at 750 West. The maximum fare charged one-way is $10.30. At 2200 North it leaves West Bountiful and enters the city of Centerville as it continues north along the west side of I-15 and crosses under Parrish Lane (400 North/SR-105). [32][33][34] Since the original planning for FrontRunner South, two additional east-west alternative routes in Lehi have opened that do not have at-grade crossings for rail traffic: 2100 North (SR-85) and Pioneer Crossing (SR-145). On Saturdays the first southbound train leaves North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Station at about 6:00 am and the first northbound train leaves Salt Lake Central at about 6:45 am. At 900 South 1350 West it reaches the next station, Orem. $358.63 $ 358. The Quiet Zone applies to all trains (including freight trains) within the same corridor. [46] However this stretch, including the area immediately north, was also one of the most difficult to build. 2X 200 South Express. At 1000 North, immediately north of the Business Depot Ogden and immediately west of the tracks, are the Weber County Fairgrounds. After entering Farmington, FrontRunner crosses under East Glovers Lane (925 South) at 210 West before curving slightly to the west. Just after that station it crosses under Clubhouse Drive and then passes to the east of Thanksgiving Point Gardens before curving to west and entering the Jordan Narrows. At about 11800 South it crosses an unnamed farm road before continuing on to cross under 11400 South (SR-175) at about 375 West. uta front runner lapel pin - utah transit commuter rail system train: condition: used. At 2000 North, FrontRunner leaves Provo and briefly enters unincorporated Utah County. Continuing north, FrontRunner crosses under 600 North (SR-268) and at 900 North it curves to the northwest as it passes on the northeast side of the Warm Springs Service Center (UTA's maintenance facility for FrontRunner). Immediately after the Weber River it curves north and has two flying junctions that allow FrontRunner to cross over the Union Pacific tracks. After crossing 1800 North it crosses back under I-15 once again as it briefly runs along the west side of southbound Beck Street (US-89) on the east. Continuing on, FrontRunner enters Lehi just before crossing over Spring Creek and then directly underneath the intersection of Pioneer Crossing (SR-145) and Mill Pond Road (850 East). Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), Percent Change in Top Complaint: Ticket Vending Machine Repairs, Pounds of Seasonal Air Pollutants Prevented, Percent of Low Emission Vehicles in Fleet, Percent of Minority/Low Income People with Access to System, Number of Partnerships with Local Governments, Community Relations and Transit Education, Box Elder to Weber County Corridor Preservation, West Valley Central Station Parking Construction. Upon crossing Vineyard Road, FrontRunner leaves Vineyard, enters the city of Lindon, and briefly passes by the northeast shore of Utah Lake as it continues on its northwest course. From this point north (except for a short stretch just prior to the last station) FrontRunner operates on tracks belonging to Union Pacific rather than its own. Connection to Green Line TRAX to Salt Lake International Airport and West Valley Central through Downtown Salt Lake. Wireless internet, provided by Nomad Digital,[69] is available on all FrontRunner cars, including the refurbished Comet cars[67] free of charge. After this station, the TRAX lines head further east while FrontRunner continues north, and slightly to the east, as it crosses Vine Street and then curves back to the north. Just after crossing under I-15, FrontRunner leaves Midvale and enters the city of Murray. [62] For seniors/disabled/Medicare, the base fare is $1.25, plus $0.30 per stop thereafter with a maximum fare of $5.15. FrontRunner continues north, but begins curving slightly to the west and then crosses West Harrisville Road on the north end of the Fairgrounds at 710 West and 1400 North. All of the stations had Multi-day parking except for Salt Lake Central, which had only Day Parking. The new racks increase the number of racks on a car from 9 to 15. The TRAX platform is directly east of the FrontRunner platform. From this station it continues on its northeast course as it leaves Woods Cross and enters the city of West Bountiful. The station in Pleasant View was supposed to open along with the rest of the line in April 2008, but improvements to the shared stretch of track owned by Union Pacific were delayed when railroad workers were diverted to repair tracks damaged by a landslide near Oakridge, Oregon. Front Runner manufactures a comprehensive range of heavy duty off-road tough poly water tanks. The first southbound trains (to Provo Station) leave both Ogden Intermodal Transit Center and North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe stations at about 5:00 am. With an estimated completion date of Fall 2020, the primarily UDOT funded project will connect Utah's largest university of 40,000 students directly to the Orem FrontRunner Station. Utah bill to study a statewide commuter rail system advances to Senate. At 2500 North, FrontRunner tracks diverge from the Union Pacific's before they cross 2700 North SR-134) at 1300 West. At the time, the service only ran from Ogden Intermodel Station to Salt Lake Central with stops in Roy, Clearfield, Layton, Farmington, and Woods Cross. After curving slightly more to the north it crosses 2200 West at 1700 North. FrontRunner currently operates Monday through Saturday, with 30-minute frequency during peak times. Federal regulators have certified that the New Mexico Rail Runner Express has met a year-end deadline to install a federally required safety system on the state-owned passenger service. Continuing northwest it crosses 820 North at 1950 West and then crosses under the "S curve" of I-15. After crossing under 300 North (SR-107) at 440 West it curves toward the north and crosses under 800 North at 515 West. The entire route was built within the existing Union Pacific corridor and FrontRunner tracks run parallel to the Union Pacific tracks, sometimes on the east and sometimes on the west. Buy It Now +$45.90 shipping. Keith Johnson/Deseret News. Continuing north and slightly to the west, but still between Legacy Parkway and I-15, it crosses under the Farmington Creek Trail and then under West State Street at 390 West. Water Tank With Mounting System / 42l - by Front Runner. ... utah transit commuter rail system train see original listing. Continuing on a course to the north, and slightly to the west, FrontRunner crosses back under I-15 and then crosses over 3300 South (SR-266) at 470 West. While the term “Front Runner” has been used to describe drive systems offered by other companies, no other system is equal. The route uses a portion of the right-of-way of the historic Utah Central Railroad, built in 1869 to connect the First Transcontinental Railroad with Salt Lake City and acquired by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1878. There are three Stations that allow direct transfer to/from FrontRunner: Murray Central, Salt Lake Central, and North Temple/ Guadeloupe Bridge. After entering Draper it continues its northeast course until about 13250 South, at which point it curves back to the north and reaches the next station, Draper at 12997 South FrontRunner Boulevard. [27][28] Funds were appropriated to accommodate this project in 2006 via a sales tax increase referendum,[29] and the remaining funding was obtained through a letter of intent signed with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on September 24, 2007. in good condition! However, there are also other brands that make roof racks for the Cayenne. uta front runner lapel pin. Continuing northwest, with Vineyard Road briefly running on the west side of the tracks and the site of the former Geneva Steel on the east, it eventually reaches the site where the future station, Vineyard, will be built at approximately 4700 North and 3100 West. All Front Runner Racks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty* Due to load limitations of the factory bed tracks, we do NOT advise loading more than 150 lbs (68 kg). Upon entering Davis County, FrontRunner also enters the city of North Salt Lake. Monthly passes valid on FrontRunner, TRAX, local buses, and express buses are available for $198, or $148.50 to students. The city of Lehi continues investigating options to build overpasses or underpasses to separate the rail traffic from the Main Street vehicle traffic, though the status of this is unlikely as the cost of the project would exceed twenty million dollars. With Garden Drive on its immediate west, it reaches the next station, Lehi, in the middle of Thanksgiving Point (at approximately 3100 North and 2800 West). (Salt Lake Central is the northern terminus for the TRAX Blue line, which runs south to Draper.). FrontRunner is a commuter rail train operated by the Utah Transit Authority that operates along the Wasatch Front in north-central Utah with service from Ogden in central Weber County through Davis County, Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake County to Provo in central Utah County. [81], Commuter rail along the Wasatch Front in Utah, United States. However, the TRAX platform is located on top of the North Temple Street Viaduct and access between the two platforms is accomplished by using the stairs or escalators that connect north side of the North Temple Street Viaduct with the south end of the FrontRunner platform. The current FrontRunner rates are one-way and distance-based. However, the last Northbound train only goes as far as North Temple/ Guadalupe Station. It then crosses West Pages Lane (1600 North) at 520 West. Notwithstanding, service is supplemented by regular bus runs between Pleasant View and the Ogden Intermodal Transit Center for the morning and evening weekday commutes. Sporting a deep V, big flared bow, and high-performance step bottom, she will run further and faster than others in her class. [30] At the same time FrontRunner South opened for service, North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe, a new infill station on the previous line, opened as well. FrontRunner trains typically have one car designated for cyclists and bikes. [15] Work started on the initial section of the line from Salt Lake City to Ogden in 2005. Continuing north it leaves Murray and enters unincorporated Salt Lake County before crossing over Little Cottonwood Creek and then crossing 4800 South (Murray Taylorsville Road) at 175 West. After crossing over West Central Avenue at 250 West it crosses under 3900 South (Meadowbrook Expressway) at 300 West. After crossing 1100 South at 425 East (5350 West on the Utah County grid), 5750 West at 7250 North (100 East at 575 South on the American Fork grid), and 100 West at 375 South, FrontRunner begins to curve toward a nearly due west course as it parallels I-15. [79] The accident video was released to the media and quickly became popular. At the north end of the rail yard in crosses under the TRAX Green Line at another flying junction before crossing under the Spaghetti Bowl (which includes SR-201 [21st South Freeway] eastbound on ramps to I-15/I-80 Northbound, the SR-201 eastbound on ramp to I-15 southbound/I-80 eastbound, the I-15 northbound/I-80 westbound on ramp to SR-201, the I-15/I-80 southbound on ramp to SR-201, and finally SR-201 [21st South Expressway]) at about 625 West. The entire length of FrontRunner corridor (including the southern extension) has been approved as a "Quiet Zone" by the Federal Railroad Administration. [6] UTA-owned track parallels UP track until Ogden, where, until August 10, 2018 (date of last train), when service to Pleasant View was "Suspended Indefinitely", Union Pacific and Utah Transit Authority share the final 6 mi (9.7 km) of track to Pleasant View. On the north side of the Service Center is a non-public rail yard access road that crosses FrontRunner tracks. Whether you need to haul lumber for your new house or a boat for a … At 100 South it turns sharply to the east, but slightly to the north, until it crosses 600 West at West South Temple Street. The last southbound train to Provo Station leaves Ogden Intermodal Transit Center at 10:39 pm. At about 1300 North, the Legacy Parkway (SR-67) begins running along the west side of the FrontRunner tracks. FrontRunner closely parallels Interstate 15 for most of the route. UTA has specific plans to extend FrontRunner further south to Payson and has owned the needed railway right-of-way for several years. It then curves to the northwest as passes to the southwest of the I-15/Legacy Parkway/US-89 interchange as it crosses under northbound ramp from Legacy Parkway to US-89, southbound ramp from US-89 to Legacy Parkway, northbound Legacy Parkway, and southbound Legacy Parkway. Our selection of roof racks, bed racks, bumpers, rock sliders, light bars, and other accessories will properly set up … FrontRunner currently operates Monday through Saturday, with 30-minute frequency during peak times. There are also additional safety features for pedestrians. FrontRunner then leaves Lindon and briefly enters unincorporated Utah County again before entering the city of American Fork at 1500 South and 700 East (6400 North and 5050 West on the Utah County grid). The Group Pass is valid starting at 8:30 a.m. and lasts to midnight. $15.98 shipping. 720 S-Line. Stations allow riders to connect to TRAX and bus routes, and feature free rider parking and bike lockers at most locations. 2" wide x 1/2" tall. Both times FrontRunner switches sides with the Union Pacific tracks it crosses over top of the Union Pacific tracks. Frontrunner Systems, Inc. provides Quality Manufacturing and Installation of Architectural Metal and Glazing Products This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 18:35. A new bill introduced in the Utah State Legislature begins to lay the groundwork for a statewide rail system. Each station (except North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe)[Note 1] has a Park-&-Ride lot. Videos from both the FrontRunner and the Trooper's point of views are available to watch online. [68] UTA is investigating options to increase capacity for bicycles, including more lockers at the stations. From North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe, FrontRunner continues north along the east side of 500 West as it crosses 300 North and 400 North. Most of the route used by FrontRunner is single-tracked (though it runs parallel to UP tracks), with double-track at stations and several other points along the route to allow trains to pass each other. Running along the west side of I-15 it crosses 1680 North at 2550 West, 2800 West just south of 2000 North, and 2000 North (Provo grid) /2000 South (Orem grid) just west of 2800 West. After crossing 900 West at 500 South it heads northwest until it crosses under West Center Street (SR-114) just east of the I-15/Center Street interchange. After crossing 2600 South it leaves North Salt Lake and enters the city of Woods Cross. UTA investigated the incident and fired an employee after determining he had improperly raised the gates without following procedures that would have made the crossing safe. She also will allow plenty of… As it leaves the Jordan Narrows it curves north as it passes just east of Turner Dam and the pumping stations while crossing over East Jordan Canal and the Jordan River. There were no significant injuries in the accident. An additional station in Pleasant View opened later that year. OGDEN — A long-discussed FrontRunner commuter rail station at the Business Depot Ogden is inching closer to reality. This UTA rail expansion was designed to specifically address the growing transportation need. Or even have Frontrunner trains running along the Wasatch Front every 15 minutes? Learn More Every FrontRunner train is equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. Just after crossing 17th Street (1700 South) at 450 West it curves back to the north again as FrontRunner tracks merge onto ones owned and operated by Union Pacific. Maintaining a northern course, with 520 West and then North Burns Street immediately to the west, it leaves Ogden and enters the city of Harrisville at 100 North. [35], The location of the station in Brigham City will likely be on newly built right-of-way near the western end of 200 South, where the Utah Transit Authority already owns a Park and Ride lot, only used for vanpool services to Thiokol, with an additional station in Willard just east of I-15 at about 750 North. Continuing north it crosses under eastbound I-215 and then westbound I-215 before curving slightly to the east and crossing West Center Street at 125 West. In addition, each train has one or more Train Hosts available to provide assistance as may be needed, including the placement of ramps for wheelchair boarding (if necessary). It then continues north, and slightly to the east, as it crosses 9400 South at 445 West and then crosses over 9120 South at 435 West. Following Winchester Street, it crosses under the I-15 northbound off ramp to I-215 westbound, crosses over I-215 eastbound and I-215 westbound (including the I-215 westbound off ramp to I-15) at 365 West. Continuing northwest it runs along the east side of the Union Pacific rail yard until passes near the corner of Chicago Street and Duluth Avenue and curves back to the north. Continuing north and slightly to the west, it crosses under 5600 South (SR-987) at 2550 West before curving back toward the north and very briefly running along the east side of 2700 West. Upon crossing under 11400 South it leaves Draper and enters the city of South Jordan. Following the acquisition from Union Pacific the facility was modified and updated to meet UTA's current needs.[75]. $396.75. ... $17.82 shipping. Brand New. After crossing 4800 South at 2700 West it curves to the northeast before reaching the next station, Roy, at 4155 South Sandridge Drive. "[39] Essentially a Quiet Zone designation eliminates this requirement. FrontRunner opened stations between Salt Lake City and Ogden in April 2008. From there on. At 100 North (as it passes the Lehi Round-up Rodeo Grounds on the west) it curves back to its previous northwestern course and crosses 500 West (SR-197) at 330 North. As of August 2017 FrontRunner does not run during most hours of Sundays. At 5600 South it curves one more time to the north, and slightly to the east, and is joined by the TRAX Blue Line and Red Line tracks on the east side as they all cross over 5400 South (SR-173/Spartan Street). Used to run trains southbound without having to turn the entire train around. The train was named "FrontRunner" because its route covers the heart of the Wasatch Front. FrontRunner is UTA’s commuter rail system. [77], Connection with TRAX Blue Line to Draper through Downtown Salt Lake, On January 24, 2017, a FrontRunner train impacted the front trailer of a FedEx double semi-trailer truck at a North Salt Lake crossing. Brand New. [12] In accordance with the Utah Clean Air Act and UTA ordinance, smoking is prohibited on UTA vehicles as well as UTA bus stops, TRAX stations, and FrontRunner stations and all other UTA property.[13]. UTA’s FrontRunner pulls into the Pleasant View station during a community celebration September 27, 2008 in preparation for Monday’s FrontRunner service to Pleasant View, Utah. these stations were referred to FrontRunner North. It then crosses Storrs Avenue (about 265 West at 250 South) followed by 200 South at 390 West before reaching the next station, American Fork. Continuing east it crosses under I-15/I-84 before crossing over the Weber River. Just after crossing under 1200 North, FrontRunner leaves Farmington and enters the city of Kaysville. This system is Continuing north at 625 West, FrontRunner crosses 1700 South, and then crosses under 1300 South before crossing under I-15/I-80 just before crossing 900 South. From Salt Lake Central, FrontRunner continues north and slightly to the west, and crosses 200 South at 660 West. [36] An agreement between the UTA, Ogden City, and Weber County to construct a station at Business Depot Ogden was reached in 2020.[37]. Continuing north, and still slightly to the east, FrontRunner crosses South Jordan Gateway (at about 10900 South and 350 West) and then crosses over South Jordan Parkway (10600 South/SR-151) and Jerry Seiner Road at 290 West before reaching then next station, South Jordan at 10351 South Jordan Gateway. FrontRunner runs south from Ogden to Provo with a total length of 81.2 miles (130.7 km). Upon crossing under SR-201, FrontRunner leaves South Salt Lake and enters Salt Lake City. Part 38 Subpart F - National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak). Continuing north on the Union Pacific tracks, with A Avenue (500 West) briefly on the immediate east, FrontRunner crosses 12th Street (1200 South/SR-39) at 500 West. Carry your adventure. The TRAX Red Line runs north to the University of Utah and south to the Daybreak Community in South Jordan.). 704 TRAX Green Line. … It then crosses Draper Lane before crossing over the Provo River Parkway trail and the Provo River. 2 200 South. With the old now non-existent Pleasant View station, the total length was 88 miles (142 km). (The TRAX Green Line runs west to the Salt Lake City International Airport and southwest to West Valley City via Downtown Salt Lake City.). From this station, it curves to the north and slightly to the west before crossing 10000 South at 375 West. Every 15 Minutes Every 30-60 Minutes Flex Rush hour or limited Ski or school Schedule Changing Locate Bus. It then crosses 750 West at 1525 North and crosses over the Western Canal at 835 West and 1750 North. Upon entering Weber County, FrontRunner also enters the city of Roy, but briefly runs immediately west of the border between Roy and Sunset until it crosses 6000 South at 2450 West. Maintaining its northwest course along the edge of American Fork's city limits, FrontRunner transitions between American Fork and unincorporated Utah County several times before it finally enters the city of Lehi. Murray Central received the Red and Blue Lines and North Temple/ Guadeloupe Bridge had the Green Line, but were not fully complete until 2015. The given address of this station is 3101 North Ashton Boulevard, but it is also accessible directly from Executive Parkway. These are not appearance or dress-up components. A Park-and-Ride lot has been constructed at North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Bridge Station. In January 2016 FrontRunner upgraded Bombardier Car 206 with new bike racks. This 1358mm/53.5” long, full-size, Slimline II cargo roof rack kit contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector and 2 pairs of Grab-On Feet to mount the Slimline II Tray to the roof rails of your Jeep Cherokee KL. However, UTA also indicated that it was not entirely unexpected as there is usually a high number of riders when a line opens before a longer term pattern of regular ridership is established. At 2075 North, FrontRunner leaves Harrisville and enters the city of Pleasant View. Each city along the route had to individually apply for the designation, but UTA provided substantial assistance with the process. Trains run hourly from about 4:30 a.m. to just after midnight on weekdays (increasing to half-hour runs for the morning and evening commutes). It then crosses back over the Jordan River and then the Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal. [48][49] This station is a transfer station to the TRAX Green Line, and the last of only three transfer stations between FrontRunner and TRAX. New fare structure effective December 1, 2020. It then curves to a brief due north course as it crosses 200 South and West Main Street (SR-73), both at 400 West. Maintaining its northeast heading, FrontRunner crosses over 14600 South (SR-140) at 1055 West and, just before crossing over Bangerter Highway (SR-154) at 765 West, it leaves Bluffdale and enters the city of Draper. FrontRunner uses 18 MPXpress (MP36PH-3C)[63] locomotives from Motive Power International of Boise, Idaho, bi-level Bombardier cars, and has repainted 25 refurbished ex-New Jersey Transit Comet Is[64] which entered service on September 17, 2008. (The name of this station is often shortened by UTA to North Temple). Trains run from Ogden to Provo along an 89-mile corridor and serve a total of 16 stations in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties. This was FrontRunner until December 10, 2012. FrontRunner part of this station is located at 140 West Vine Street (5990 South) and the TRAX part of the station is at 5144 South Cottonwood Street; both of which are just west of the Intermountain Medical Center.